Retail is having a pretty rough time at the moment and traditional High Streets are struggling to adapt to the changing landscape of retail. News of poor sales and store closures are widely reported. 

In all this negativity, we are discovering some exciting alternative shopping experiences which really promote independent brands and bring back some fun and uniqueness to retail.

Two developments have come onto our radar and we thought we'd share them with you.

Blue House Yard in Wood Green, North London is a redevelopment of an empty and disused area close to the Underground Station and was created in partnership with the local council. Primarily it is a  creative hub with office spaces and workshops, but a key element are the retail sheds for small independent brands in the central courtyard. Not to be left out are the cafe, local bar and street food areas. As you will see in the images, the area have been painted in bright colours and lends itself to hanging out and really using the space day and night.
Central Parade in Walthamstow, East London is a redevelopment of a 1950's council building which is now a mixed use creative hub with co-working spaces, studios, retail units and a cafe/ bakery positioned right in the heart of it all. The retail units are incubator spaces for new brands that would otherwise not be able to afford retail spaces in London. 
Both places incapsulate a fresh, independent approach to urban life, incorporating work space, entertainment, retail and culture. Hopefully we will start to see more of these type of spaces appearing. If you know of any already, please let us know.


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