You may think that the more mature man has a very different music taste to the younger man. However more recently the latest viewings have shown that men in their 40's have taken a more distinctive liking to pop music. It's unsure what the reason for this is. It could be that once they're reaching a more mature age they are being lured back to listening to mainstream music once more and reliving their youth. It could simply be that having children and being influenced by their music habits has had an effect on their own. 

Also as men increase with age it appears that they tend to lean towards listening to female artists. To some this could seem strange or unusual but sometimes it can be good to listen to music that you wouldn't normally expose yourself to. In most cases younger men tend to listen to more relevant artists but studies have shown that although artists such as Michael Jackson and The Rolling Stones are frequently listened to by the older man they are also combined with more relevant and up to date artists such as Bruno Mars and Katy Perry.


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