You’ve got the modern wardrobe, the latest in fashion. Armed with the corduroy pants, the chunky knitwear, the killer brogues, you think you’ve covered it all…so why do you feel like something is missing?

It’s easy to overlook what a good haircut can do for your style – without the hair to pull off that daring new look, you’re no different to anybody else! Donning a sharp new wardrobe, you’re actually in danger of emphasising just how uninspiring your mop really is. The right cut is essential if you want to turn heads and get noticed. But what style do you go for?

With that in mind, here are a few on-trend, upcoming styles for the new year, courtesy of Centre Front.

The Heartthrob

Look around – the pristine barbershop cut is dying out. Embrace length! While you don’t necessarily need to rival Kurt Cobain, layered, mid-length hair is making a comeback, big style. With or without facial hair, you can’t go wrong.

The Buzzcut

What better way to draw focus to your new wardrobe than to shave it off? This daring move will put more of an emphasis on your facial features and clothes.

The Colour Buzz

Make that buzzcut stand out and add some colour. Bleach blonde, pastel reds and baby blues are in!

The ‘fro

With the retro renaissance in modern menswear, it seems only fitting you reflect that with your hair. Should you be blessed with an afro, work it! Don’t hide one of your best accessories!

And that about does it for us! Whether you’re sporting long-layered locks, or doing away with the maintenance and shaving it all off, rest assured your hair game will be on point.


Written by Ryan Carrier.


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