As Jane Austen once said, it’s a truth universally acknowledged that there is a shirt for every occasion. Maybe we paraphrased a little there, but here at Centre Front we’ve released a few new shirts to spruce up your wardrobe in time for the Spring.

Among our new shirts are a couple of dropped hem shirts, bringing you the very best ‘smart-casual’ has to offer. Paired with sleeker, tapered trousers or chinos, these shirts look perfect whether you favour them untucked, for a more relaxed aesthetic, or tucked into your legwear, for that perfect aforementioned smart-casual look. Also, consider what you might wear underneath – undoing a few buttons to reveal a simple white tee gives your look a little more depth.

As always, should the situation call for it, combining any one of our new shirts with a pair of our jeans is a guaranteed winner. Alongside your new shirt, a slimmer pair will give off a more formal, sharper vibe, emphasising your proportions and drawing attention to your modern style. On the other hand, you may want to button up and tuck them in with a wider-leg pair for a little contrast in your look.


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