Over the decades, fashion has become an increasingly fickle, ever-growing industry that’s sometimes nearly impossible to follow before everybody moves on to the next big trend. Luckily, here at Centre Front, we maintain a watchful eye on current trends as they happen – here’s a few recommendations to start the new year looking your best.

Our first tip? Tuck it in! There’s something of an 80's resurgence going on, not just in music and media, but fashion too. Much to the joy of teachers and parents alike, tucking in your shirts, t-shirts and even knitwear is becoming increasingly popular, with catwalk models now following suit. Try tucking your shirts into wider, pleated trousers for a killer retro look.

Speaking of which, volume is everything now. People are ditching skinny silhouettes in favour of wider leg trousers and shorts! Go big or go home!

Though a staple of AW catwalks, moss/military green items are clawing their way into SS18 – an exciting notion, given that your SS18 items will still be in when Autumn rolls around.

Finally, vertical stripes are back with a vengeance. Whether you choose to go bold and favour thicker lines, or prefer a subtle, thinner line, wear your stripes with pride.

That about does it from us! We’ll be back soon with more tips for the fashion-conscience man.


Written by Ryan Carrier.


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