It doesn’t feel right posting about new ranges or encouraging people to buy clothes at the moment. So for the next few weeks posts will be general interest stories instead to keep you entertained during lock down.

To start here’s a bit of background to the brand. Centre Front was created 2 years ago by myself, John (in the photo). I have worked in menswear buying for almost 20 years & a large chunk of that was at

Centre Front was created, as I felt there is a big gap between ‘high street’ cheap fast fashion & cool premium men’s brands, both in quality & price. Where’s the middle ground? The main idea behind the brand is great quality, great fabrics & a fair price.

Where did the name Centre Front come from? Good question.

When designing clothes we use an imaginary line down the front, this line is called the centre front. As an example, if we want to position a pocket on a shirt, we could say pocket to be 20cm down from the shoulder & 6 cm from the centre front. We liked the name & it fitted with the minimal aesthetic of the brand.

We’d love to hear your comments/ thoughts about what we could do better, what you’d like to see in the range etc.

Best Wishes & Keep Well

Centre Front Team


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